Surround Master V3


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    Accurate Sound Experience

    The Surround Master combines true circular surround sound with real-time remastering to produce a completely accurate sound experience. Upgrade any home system with this universal stereo to surround decoder.

    Real Sounds

    Every sound recorded on a track is reproduced in exactly the same location where it was recorded, giving you the sense of actually being there.


    • Upgraded power supply for cleaner sound and less heat

    • Optical input Decode

    • QS and SQ natively Also decodes most matrix formats including Amisonics, Qsound, Dummy head, and more

    • Extracts surround sound from all stereo sources, both as recorded or as produced and engineered

    • Level control, and per-channel level control

    • 4/4.1 channel output for quadrophonic purists, the way it was intended or 5.1 output for people with preferred existing setups or those who like the centre channel


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